Package Design

2-Pack Boxes
Bulk Caddy Boxes
Flavor Identifying Stickers

"Wholesome Bakery was founded by Mandy Harper in 2009 with the belief that you should be able to eat great tasting goodies without it weighing on your conscience. That you should be left feeling proud and excited with the company you're supporting. After countless hours of work, Wholesome Bakery is proud to serve up an array of super-yummy goodies baked with thoughtfully sourced, locally produced, organic ingredients. Our sweet treats aren't only healthy for you, they're healthy for Mother Earth! Please enjoy!" –

The task of this project was to re-imagine the on-shelf packaging that was being reduced down from 6 pack boxes to 2 pack boxes while using and elevating the existing brand foundation. Now being distributed down the coast of California, from previously being solely available locally in San Francisco, CA. Mandy wanted something on the shelves that spoke the personality of the brand a bit more loudly than before. Fresh typography, illustrations and layouts, were utilized to develop that visual personality to speak to the new customers just what Wholesome Bakery is about.

Photography by: Tyler Nutter