Operated independently out of a private residence located in Austin, Texas, most of the time.

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The belief that all of the services offered can and do work harmoniously is essential.

Creating a brand, or package that utilizes more than a "trick" to be successful. Confidence in creation and creativity drives the execution through various forms of application.

Areas of Focus:

Brand Identity Systems | Creative Direction | Strategy Consultation | Art Direction | Consumer Packaged Goods | Logo Design | Posters | Lettering & Typography | Publications | Illustration | Signage & Environmental Wayfinding | Softgoods | Web Consultation

Please read: Cycling Kits

I am no longer accepting cycling kit projects. I enjoyed creating the ones I was given the opportunity to work on, but will no longer be offering this service. 

Select Clients & Collaborators:

Arlo's Curbside & the Ballroom
Bethesda Softworks & Zenimax
Creeping Death
Entertainment Weekly
Four x Five Photo Fest
Garbo's Lobster ATX
Mumford Photo
PMA Print Co.
Ramona Press
Void MFG.
Wholesome Bakery
Wright Bros. Brew & Brew

Matt Thompson is an Independent Graphic Design person primarily focused on Branding, Packaging, Illustration, Custom Typography, sometimes more.

His main goal is to create functional, appealing and thoughtful Design with sound Strategy by working intuitively with clients and collaborators to produce a long lasting visual system. Understanding and vibing with clients is paramount while building a solid relationship on multiple levels with new and on-going brands and visionaries.

Creative execution for discerning minds, brands and visionaries.

Where have you been?
Why are you here?
Where are you going?
Where do you want and aim to be?

These are all questions that are discussed...
and then some.

Building lasting relationships with clients is paramount. They invest their time, confidence, money and trust. In return they get thoughtful and creative ideas and execution — as well as the attention and time getting what they need.

Matt himself is a Designer, Illustrator, Art/Creative Director and musician, that loves typography, fonts, tattoos, bikes, guitars & guitar gear, nature, and generally fun & rad things that don't require him to sit at his desk.

Matt has been working independently for the entirety of his professional career but has occasionally offered a creative helping-hand with the following studios:

Arts & Recreation
Canales & Co.
Guerilla Suit
Helms Workshop
The Butler Bros.

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