Hi! Thank you for your interest in my Design services.

Respectfully, I’m not playing pricing hide and seek with you. Nor do I want to burden you with the need to send the awkward “What are your rates?” e-mail.

Please read before contacting me.
These are some general starting costs and requirements for you to consider when approaching me for Design services. If you don’t see something that applies to your needs, send me an email ( with a detailed description of what you’re looking for and I would be happy to talk with you about it.

This is not a “one size fits all” blanket sheet, as I firmly believe that One size fits One. This sheet is to simply display averages and give a sense of what to expect coming into a design project.

I fully understand every individual person has different financial abilities and constraints as well as needs, which I am more than happy to consider. However, these are the numbers that these types of projects typically average out to at the base level, with consideration for my time, and experience. Total cost may adjust as needed.
I am always happy to chat and work with you on pricing further, to meet your needs.

If you’re in a band looking for Design for your band, there’s a special section for you. Scroll to find

If you have any questions, let’s talk!

Lastly, when you contact me, please send a detailed description of your company, desired project type or combination, and working/general timeline.
My schedule fluctuates regularly, and I want to ensure every detail of what you need is accounted for.

Email me at

Brand Identity

Starts at $6,000, 50% deposit
(A total estimate of cost will be delivered after our initial discussion)

- Consultation meeting, video, phone or in person
- Logo Design
- Color palette
- Associated type choices
- Base brand illustration (up to 3)
- Brand Guide
- Social media styling
- Pattern creation
- Up to 3 rounds of presentations
- Logo output (eps, png) sized accordingly
Additional brand extension services available for add on, with cost variation

Logo Design

Starts at $2,500, 50% deposit
Consultation meeting, video, phone or in person
(A total estimate of cost will be delivered after our initial discussion)

- Logo Design
- Color palette
- 5 page logo guide
- Up to 3 rounds of presentations
- Logo output (eps, png) sized accordingly
Additional brand extension services available for add on, with cost variation

Retail Packaging

Please read in full

Starts at $3,250. 50% deposit for any project that totals under $12,000.
A payment plan will be assembled for anything above $12,000 unless otherwise requested.
(A total estimate of cost will be delivered after our initial discussion)

All products being designed for, MUST be in their final form and be ready for long-term packaging solutions.

Samples of each individual product that will be designed for must be delivered to MTDC to begin package design process.
**Generic packaged goods (for example: most food, beer cans, pre-existing commonplace items, etc.) do not need to be delivered unless you just wanna share how good your flavors are (please do!). However, a final package size and requested material must be in place. Once design starts sizes will not change without a fee for adjustment.
(New sizes and styles present new problems and will require more time to sort.)

***If you are packaging for bottles, the final bottle options or selection must be delivered prior to visual design.
***If your company/product has branding established, you must share any and all VECTOR and usable brand assets including logos, fonts, illustrations and any imagery I will need, along with your brand guide to follow when applying visual styles.

All product UPC’s, legal information, verbiage and action items must be finalized prior to design beginning.

***If you require branding to be developed for your company and product, please refer to the brand packages also shown. (Combination project cost may be considered.)
***If you have a packaging manufacturer or co-packing service provider sourced; I must be put in contact with them so that communication can be fluid and direct when considering production and abilities. If they have pre-existing Mechanical Dielines or production files or examples, please have them delivered or provide them as soon as possible.
***Prior to design beginning, a production file-type for delivery bust be finalized. Any major changes will incur a project adjustment fee.
***The incorrect ingredients, spellings, weights, legal information, manufacturing location, UPC’s, callouts, FDA/etc. administrative approvals ARE NOT my responsibility what-so-ever. If you do not get these factors taken care of BEFORE starting the design process, you will be responsible for paying for each and every required edit needed based on these changes. It bares the need to be reiterated as it is the most common hiccup I have dealt with in my career. 

- Consultation meeting, video, phone or in person
**If not previously sourced** Co-Packing or manufacturer sourcing
- Material research and sourcing
- Ink to material sourcing
- Specialty production samples, based on ability of manufacturer
- Extended experience concepts
(For example: pop-up panels, windows, hang tags, printed caps, etc.)
- Retail and on-shelf research and development
- Mechanical/production Dieline and template design for each variation or size of package and product.
(Repeating sizes do not need template replicants.)
- Visual design and layout, with consideration for and specialty cuts, materials, or experience-forward elements
- Legal implementation, includes consideration for specific government regulation, sizing, weight, capacity, count, etc. as well as UPC placement and any other legally, or retail-based required item.
- Some customized packaging projects may require physically constructed mockups of the packaging, such as templates cut to size, folded, and adhered to look like the desired package shape & size with specialty pieces accounted for, or noted. Alternatively, bottle labeling will be mocked up on the provided bottle physically and photographed for presentation, while also showing a flat version of the designed layout.
***For Beer specifically, digital mockups will be provided for as many angles of the can or bottle that are needed to see the full product, while also showing a flat version of the layout. (If your can or bottle is not one of the commonplace sizes, a physical version must be delivered for consideration.)
- Presentation rounds will include 1-2 variants for consideration.
- Upon approval, a production checklist will be run to ensure fluid delivery and file instructions are in place. This includes all production ink colors, specialty instructions and output, detailed mock up or photos as well as any other notes will be packaged with the required production files, per product to be delivered to the manufacturer.
**If necessary a press check may be necessary to do, to ensure the production is correct.
(This may include setting up and planning and traveling to the production house location, hotel, transportation, and a meal stipend for this trip.)
Any further requirements must be discussed up front or as soon as possible for consideration.


Starts at $500
(A total estimate of cost will be delivered after our initial discussion)

For editorial: Usage licensing agreements will be set in place prior to beginning.

- Consultation discussion, video, phone or in person
- Creative briefing and style alignment
- Sketches with variants
- Stylized rendered illustration based on chosen sketch and direction
- Brand placement (if applicable)
- Finish out and file export with optimal usage and flexibility for applications

Can I hire you for full-time work?

Let’s definitely talk, but probably not.

Retainer services?

Absolutely. $100/hr charged to the 1/4-hour (15min)
Static monthly costs can be considered, however with my extended experience charging for my time benefits both parties evenly.

A la carte (non-band)

Sure, anything can be discussed.
Whatever — hit me up.


I’m in a band, will you design merch, a logo, an album cover, a sticker, etc. for us?

Absolutely. Let’s talk.

Here’s a list of expected costs:
- Full merchandise spread: $500+
- T-Shirt: $100 – $500
- Logo: $250+
- Album cover (from scratch): $500+
- Album assembly/layout: $150+
- Poster/Flyer/Admat: $150+
- Sticker: I’m gonna need about 10, maybe 20 if you ordered a whole lot. 
Something else? Sure, hit me up

Will you work for trade?

Whatt’ya got? Seems unlikely, but let’s chat.

Have questions? Email me.

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